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Joseph Tansek LMFT

Congratulations on making the first step toward finding happiness!

Life can present unique challenges. It can often help to have someone to talk with when facing life's challenges. Seeking help is the first step toward finding a solution to life's problems. By looking into counseling you are taking charge of your life and being proactive. Congratulations, and welcome to the beginning of your journey! The initial intake appointment is FREE** so you have nothing to lose! Make an appointment today!

Preparing for marriage ? Moving to the next step in a relationship?

I can help you prepare! I offer confidential individual and couples counseling services to people considering moving to the next level of committment in their relationship. I can help you decide if you are ready or not, or to help you prepare for a change in your relationship.

Are you an expecting Parent?

I have years of experience working with parents, teaching parenting classes, and working with children. I am also a keynote presenter every year at the San francisco Bay Area Fatherhood Conference. I can help your family prepare for a new addition(s), discuss the current developmental level of your children with you, and provide support to you and your family throughout the process of child rearing and parenting.     

Experiencing conflict?

Any relationship can present challenges. Siblings argue, parents and children often do not see eye to eye, and couples fight. While disagreements are a normal part of any relationship, there are ways to handle conflict that are less likely to lead to hurt feelings and further damage to the relationship. I can help you learn effective communicaiton skills, understand differiences, and learn to embrace differiences of opinion. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I can help you create peaceful, loving relationships with your partner. Additionally I can also help you improve the nature of nearly any other relationship.      

Life Got you down?

It is a common thing these days. The economy is unpredictable, unemployment is high, people are stressed, the divorce rate is alarmingly high, and it may sometimes seem like there is no hope. Depression can be one of the most difficult experiences people have, and it can quickly improve with psychotherapy. Especially in these troubled times, it is important to reach out to someone you can trust. I can help you cope with many of today's woes. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can get out from under the oppressive thumb of depression.

Call today!

Joseph Tansek is an experienced therapist who can help with many of life's challenges. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC47964), he specializes in parenting, couples and marriage counseling, domestic violence, at-risk youth, confidential mediation, family re-connection, co-parenting, and individual therapy.  

Take the first step toward your recovery and schedule an appointment today.

I accept United Healthcare (UBH), Blue Shield, Managed Health Network (MHN), and Magellan. Availabilities are limited. For inquiries, or make an appointment, call or email me. Also, feel free to consult the calander option on this website for current openings.

(408) 649-4007

**Free intake sesion offer excludes family court cases (e.g Therapeutic Supervised Visitation, reconnection conseling, custody evaluations, etc.) Clients who hope to use insurance should refer to the insurance guidelines regarding limitations. Free offer with insurance clients will also likely not apply.


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